Our Team

The CQ Energy team has extensive experience across the electricity, gas and renewable sectors. The principals of CQ Energy each have over 25 years of experience in the Australian energy and financial markets and have worked together as a team for over 15 years. The principals are backed by an exceptional group of staff that have been hand picked by the principals to deliver the best results for our clients. Our experience and expertise, combined with our proven track record of delivering optimal outcomes, has positioned CQ Energy as the leading independent energy market advisor and operator in Australia.


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Reza Evans | Managing Partner

Reza has over 25 years’ experience in the energy industry, primarily in the areas of energy market development, regulation, renewable and carbon markets and market compliance. Reza managed the CQ Energy team as primary energy advisor to Arcapita and Global Infrastructure Partners in a major mergers and acquisition project to purchase a substantial energy company operating across Australia. Reza is often sought out by new market entrants and investors due to his extensive knowledge of the market and ability to link up investors with the appropriate market interfaces. As a result, Reza has assisted a number of large renewable projects in Australia to get to financial close.

Reza has provided advice to market stakeholders such as energy ministers on market reform, to market operators such as AEMO and regulators such as the AER. Reza has also worked on a number of bespoke energy projects including the SA Water Bolivar Waste Water Treatment Plant, Santos’ LNG electrification contracts and risk project, the Barmera and Loxton Council’s 10MW solar farm project and retail entry projects.

Prior to his work with CQ Energy, Reza managed the Energy Policy & Regulation Department for Flinders Power and Alinta Energy. Reza has held several leading industry positions including that of Chairman - National Generators Forum Market Working Group, Director - National Generators Forum, Deputy Chairman-National Generators Forum Greenhouse Working Group and ESAA Greenhouse Reference Group.

The level of energy markets knowledge, particularly in the renewable sectors has been well recognised and puts Reza in the top tier of energy experts in Australia.

Reza has a Bachelor of Business and is an Associate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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Lino Fusco | Partner

Lino has over 25 years’ experience in the energy markets and extensive experience in international capital markets with a very strong financial & risk management focus. He leads CQ Energy's market operations for gas and electricity. He has been actively involved in the Short Term Trading Markets for gas in Australia (Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide hubs), the Declared Wholesale Gas Market (Victoria) and the Gas Supply Hub (Wallumbilla and Moomba) including putting in place the operational framework for multiple clients and implementing gas management strategies. Lino has been involved in power plant operations in both the NEM and the WEM including conventional and renewable generation plant.

He has a very strong analytical background and has undertaken extensive financial and risk modelling for clients. This has included developing the financial models for merger and acquisition activities and developing risk quantification models. Lino has provided energy strategy and risk solution advice to a number of major clients including SA Water, Adelaide Brighton, ATCO Power, BHP, EDL and Origin.

Lino’s most recent experience prior to CQ Energy was Group Manager Risk at Alinta and Executive Manager Risk at Flinders Power. These senior executive roles included risk mitigation, portfolio optimisation, financial structuring, business development, due diligence and strategy development.

Lino has worked for retail and generation power companies in electricity and gas and his extensive experience includes the Australian NEM and the Western Australian markets. Lino has a very strong background in the financial markets. He was successful in leading the Flinders Power refinance project ($A265 million), which was nominated for PFI Deal of the Year. Previously he has issued several billion dollars of debt instruments into Europe, USA and Asia, and has been involved in numerous complex financial transactions.

The combination energy and financial markets experience and his extensive depth of knowledge allows Lino to provide clients with optimal corporate advice and services targeted at maximising commercial objectives.

Lino has a Bachelor of Economics.

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Ian Tannebring | Partner

Ian has over 25 years of energy markets experience with a background in derivative trading, portfolio management, trading strategy development, power generation operations, retail energy procurement and business development in electricity, gas and renewable energy markets. Ian leads the weather and derivative structured products area which works with renewable and conventional generation assets to protect against plant failure and to assist in firming up interruptible output.

Ian has managed a number of significant projects for CQ Energy which have involved the development of strategy in both wholesale and retail markets including the re-structuring of existing portfolios for clients such as Arcapita, BHP, SA Water, ATCO Power and SA Power Networks.

Prior to joining CQ Partners Ian held the roles of Electricity Trading Manager for Alinta Energy, General Manager Trading Flinders Power and Senior Trader for AGL Energy. These roles were executive positions and Ian’s last role saw him responsible for managing an energy trading portfolio with annual revenues in excess of $500 million per annum.

Ian led and negotiated the $A785 million long term hedging arrangement for Flinders Power and was also instrumental in the securing the $A327 million gas supply agreement for the Osborne Power Station.

Ian has a wealth of market and trading experience and had worked for major companies in both the wholesale generation and retail sectors in the Australian NEM.

Ian has a Bachelor of Economics and an Associate Diploma in Accounting.

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Damian Edwards | Senior Energy Specialist

Damian has over 20 years consulting experience within the energy, environmental and information management industries.

He has worked in many industry sectors both within Australia and Internationally, such as mining, oil and gas, energy retailing, utilities, insurance, rail, transport, telecommunications and government.

His strengths include environmental information systems (and is one of only a few accredited energy auditors in Australia), project management and analysis particularly in the area of greenhouse gas reporting having worked with a number of high-profile clients including BHP, Rio Tinto, Santos, Port of Melbourne Corp, BMA Coal, SA EPA and Zero Waste SA. Damian has assisted a number of our clients to optimise their procurement of electricity and gas contracts and has undertaken a number of tender processes for private and public enterprises.

Damian has had exposure to the UK energy market and was actively involved with Origin’s information management transformation for the commencement of FRC in SA & Victoria.

Damian has a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Environmental Management & Sustainability.

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Hong Khoo | Trading Manager

Hong Khoo has over 20 years’ experience in the National Electricity Market, Short Term Trading Market and DWGM as an Energy Trader, where he is accountable for the successful implementation of electricity and gas trading bidding strategies and day to day trading activities.

Hong has worked on a number of projects including assisting a client with new generation plant to establish their electricity operations function. Hong is one of CQ Energy’s senior energy traders, managing contractual and spot positions on a daily basis.  

Hong has a depth of experience in electricity, gas and renewable trading, plant management, market analysis, market bidding and trading operations.

Hong has a Bachelor of Economics from Adelaide University and is a Certified Practicing Accountant.

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Jim Tjia | Energy Trader

Jim has over 35 years’ experiences in the electricity industry having started his career with ETSA Corporation as an Engineer in 1981. Jim went on to become an Energy Trader at the start of the National Electricity Market in 1998 and has seen the market evolve significantly over time.

Jim joined the CQ Energy team in the role of Energy Trader in 2015. Jim has more than 20 years’ experience in energy trading having previously worked at Alinta Energy, Flinders Power and International Power. Jim has worked on a number of projects including power station construction, coal combustion technology and operating experience.

Jim currently undertakes energy trading and management services on behalf of CQ Energy clients, across both electricity and gas markets, including overseeing assets in WA.

Jim has a Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical), Accounting Diploma, Graduated Diploma in Financial Analysis and Diploma in Financial planning.

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Huy Ton | Energy Trader

Huy joined CQ Energy in June 2017 in the role of Energy Trader and has rapidly developed into a key member of the CQ operations team. Huy’s responsibilities include energy trading, undertaking complex analysis and development of trading systems for the CQ Energy trading desk.

Huy has more than 5 years’ experience in the oil/gas and electricity industries. Prior to joining CQ Energy, Huy worked at Santos and was involved in developing a comprehensive Pressure database and Reservoir modelling which significantly improved the decision making regarding the development of oil fields.

In addition, Huy was awarded multiple domestic and international scholarships with study abroad experience.

Huy earned Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering with First Class Honours and Master of Accounting and Finance.

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Iordan Halatchev | Energy Trader

Since joining CQ Energy in July 2010, Iordan has been focussed on the Short-Term Trading Market for natural gas where he has been undertaking daily gas management activities on behalf of our clients. Iordan's responsibilities include managing CQ's market databases and developing analytical tools for the trading team.

Iordan has an exceptional analytical background. Prior to joining CQ Energy, Iordan was employed by SYDAC as a mathematical modeller and undertook the design and development of the Eurostar United Kingdom train simulator project.

Iordan’s exceptional mathematical and analytical skills (including mathematical modelling, algorithm and software development) has increased the analytical capability of the CQ Energy team.

Iordan has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Adelaide (Australia) and also has a Masters Degree in Science (Physics). Iordan is a member of the Australian Mathematical Society and ANZIAM.

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Nicholas Eades | Senior Energy Analyst

Nicholas is a Senior Energy Analyst at CQ Energy. He joined the team in 2016. Nicholas’ background is in the oil and gas sector and he has previously worked for an oil field services company and assisted with research projects at the Australian School of Petroleum.

Since joining CQ Energy, Nicholas has focussed largely on the financial and commercial aspects of the natural gas industry in Australia as well as the international LNG markets. He has also been heavily involved in gas trading, gas supply and transportation contracting and the management of large industrial clients and gas transmission pipelines. He has undertaken multiple complex analytical projects, combining his understanding of the Australian energy markets with his very strong analytical skills.

As part of his role at CQ Energy, Nicholas has also gained significant exposure more broadly to the energy and renewables sector both in Australia and Internationally. He has been involved in projects and consulting work relating to renewable infrastructure modelling, electricity (NEM) market modelling, energy storage system optimisation and weather-related financial hedge products.

Nicholas has a Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum) with First Class Honours and a Bachelor of Science (Geology and Geophysics) from the University of Adelaide.

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Jack Yates | Energy Analyst

Jack joined CQ Energy in 2017 as an Energy Analyst. He plays a key role in our energy operational activities with a focus on CQ's electricity market and gas management activities.

Jack has been actively involved in gas/electricity trading across the STTM, DWGM, GSH, NEM and WEM, procurement, gas transportation, electricity PPA/LGC settlements, gas transmission pipelines and electricity assets comprising of wind, solar and diesel generators.

As part of his role at CQ Energy, Jack has been involved in projects and consulting work relating to renewable infrastructure modelling, electricity (NEM) market modelling, proxy revenue analysis and weather-related financial hedge products. Jack is able to combine his energy market knowledge with his excellent analytical skills.

Jack has a Bachelor of Finance (majoring in Statistics/Econometrics) from the University of Adelaide and a Diploma of Financial Planning from Kaplan Professional.

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Andrew Riley | Energy Analyst

Andrew joined CQ Energy as an Energy Analyst in 2018. He has a background in commerce, finance and international business and has also spent significant time overseas providing essential services to local communities in developing countries.

Since joining CQ Energy, Andrew has worked intensively within the natural gas industry, providing financial and commercial services for clients operating on the various wholesale markets. As part of his role, Andrew currently manages a diverse portfolio of large commercial clients who require gas trading, procurement and transportation services. Andrew has also been heavily involved with the operational management of gas transmission pipelines.

Andrew has been involved in a number of projects across the electricity and renewables sectors at both a domestic and international level. He has also provided advisory services to a range of companies relating to battery storage, hedging derivatives, market modelling and market registrations.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of International Business from the University of Adelaide.

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Dylan Smith | Energy Compliance

Dylan joined CQ Energy in an Energy Compliance role in 2017 with a background in accounting and finance.

Since joining CQ Energy, Dylan has focused on ensuring the daily operations at CQ Energy comply with the National Electricity Rules, National Electricity Law, National Gas Rules, and National Gas Law and are in accordance with the approved energy management strategies.

Dylan is involved in the the gas/electricity trading operations across the STTM, DWGM, GSH, NEM and WEM andhe has been engaged in the administration of large electricity assets comprising of wind, solar and diesel generators. As part of this role he reports on the operational position of each commercial asset, undertakes PPA settlements, overseas the creation and transfers of LGCs, submits annual CER Electricity Generation Returns and WEM Certified Reserve Capacity Applications.

Dylan is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance) at Flinders University.

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James Abbott | Energy Trader

James joined CQ Energy in April 2019 as a member of the CQ Energy operations team. He has a very strong analytical and research skill set.

Prior to joining CQ Energy, James was an analyst in the commodity trading arm of ASR Group in London.

James has a Bachelor of Economics with Honors from the University of Nottingham, a Master of Environmental and Resource Economics from the Australian National University and a Masters of Science in Energy and Resource Management from the University College London.



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Harry Kallis | Energy Trader

Harry joined CQ Energy in May 2019 as part of the Energy Operations team. He has a very strong analytical and finance skill set and has been involved in business development activities in the Australian energy market.

Prior to joining CQ Energy, Harry was an analyst at William Buck Corporate Advisory.

Harry has a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Adelaide.

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Terry Langford | ICT Project Management

Terry joined CQ Energy in 2018 to provide IT project management and support.

He brings a wealth of information technology and communications experience to the team. He was previously the National ICT Manager at Diverseco, an investment and management company with an operating footprint covering all Australian states and New Zealand.