CQ Energy is the largest independent operator across the various energy markets in Australia. On behalf of our clients, CQ Energy runs an 7 day per week energy operations desk that is active in all of the major Australian gas and electricity markets.

Energy operational arrangements are always changing in line with the fast changing nature of the energy markets in Australia and the constant pursuit of optimal commercial solutions. CQ Energy has the knowledge, experience and track record of operating in all of the major Australian gas and electricity markets.

All of our activities are on behalf of our clients and this ensures we are focused on achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

On a daily basis we move gas from various gas supply points, including the Northern Territory, Moomba, Gippsland, Otway and Wallumbilla, for some of the largest users of gas in Australia. Concurrently we actively monitor the gas consumption of major sites and adjust their gas arrangements in response to changes in consumption.

We manage the electricity market interface for electricity assets located in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, On a live basis we monitor both the electricity markets and these electricity assets and seek to optimise their revenue and minimise their market, operational and regulatory risks.

Overall, CQ Energy is engaged in a broad range of energy operational activities which broadly covers the following industry sectors:


CQ Energy provides services to clients at all three of the Short Term Trading Markets for gas in Australia (Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide), the Declared Wholesale Gas Market (Victoria) and the Gas Supply Hub (Moomba and Wallumbilla) . In addition CQ Energy has operated under the spot gas balancing market regime currently operated by AEMO in Western Australia and have been at the forefront of the development of the Capacity Trading and Day Ahead pipeline markets.

We are experienced in moving gas from all of the major gas supply points, through all of the major pipelines into the various gas markets in Australia. Our operations have worked with all of the major gas suppliers and gas infrastructure operators.


CQ Energy provides operational services to electricity generation facilities in both the National Electricity Market and the Wholesale Electricity Market.

Our experienced energy traders manage the interface between the generation assets and the electricity markets. This market interface is live and is focused on proactively optimising the revenue and minimising the market risks for the generation assets.

In addition we support our clients to obtain the optimal solutions for their assets over the longer term.


CQ Energy is an experienced independent operator of renewable assets including wind farms and solar farms for our clients. These assets have unique operation requirements and we facilitate the asset owners optimising their returns from the energy markets.


Our services include providing daily operation, co-ordination and scheduling covering haulage and storage services for a major Australian gas pipeline.